Ian C. Bouras – Pieces of the Past

Ian C. Bouras – Pieces of the Past

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Ian C. Bouras is an interesting artist based out of New York who just released his latest 7 Track CD entitled “Pieces of the Past” under Synth City Records. His sound is a hybrid of contemporary classic Chill with today’s popular avant-garde Classic Electronica instrumentation and overtones.

He delivers a psychotic at time melodramatic Chill style of neo-progressive New Age Electronica via wide range of influences. When listening to this CD it reminded me of my influences: Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Protoculture and The Blizzard. The songwriting aims to promote all of the above not holding back at all. Too many composers are holding back to much thus reducing their songs to sanitized versions of themselves. My advice – just be yourself and sdtop trying to make everyone happy. The first track “Everything You’ve Ever Always Wanted” delivers a well-appointed first movement.  Also present are tight rhymes and beats, sonic horns and Bouras’s Guitar in the fore front. In my opinion this project features 2 main instruments players – rhythm section and guitar. To me these 2 personify the core Bouras sound. Again the two primaries – finely balanced within the mix. The melodies especially appealing higher register, is artfully defined while still layered quite nicely within the grooves. He has much to offer insofar as passion, melody and depth without falling into the guitarist-with-supporting-arrangement trap. With highlight tracks like the first 3 “Everything You’ve Always Wanted”, “In Mysterious Ways”, and “The Inevitability of Loss” one can’t help but admire how just 2 primary instruments are distributed masterfully within this short but sweet 7 Track CD. Sure there are other instruments present but I am talking about the musical core. This is a true to form old Chill that successfully captures the vintage songwriting finesse of Bouras. Some would say all this music sounds the same – I would disagree.

Throughout all pieces one will notice a tragic-sweetness and blooming hooks all the while maintaining an intimate conservative feel. “In Mysterious Ways” is undeniably progressive based with a dark feel to it courtesy of this demographic. Also present are exotic beat and percussion, and honey coated keyboard/synth flavoring. Many songs on this album are more than ripe for all the old school rockers out there. On “The Inevitability of Loss” there is no disappointingly amateurish mixing with a disingenuous attempt in making a hit record. These are high-quality, ultra-clean recordings that balances out both natural and midi sounds flawlessly. The music though effective is not up to the level of some of the hookier styles of music out there. Bouras has a great deal of potential for worldwide appeal, as he picks up steam in 2015 in the wake of this release.  As a whole, it’s an impressive CD and may not be for Kenny Rogers fans, but regardless of any of that “Pieces of the Past” proves that with continued dedication via a powerful slew of songs a dream can be fully realized regardless of how it’s delivered to the senses.

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Rafael Brinkus