Impuritees – ‘Nothing Matters’

Impuritees – ‘Nothing Matters’


The misspelling of Impuritees band name adds a unique emphasis to the sound of the word and makes the band stand out. They stand out in a way which makes people look at their band name twice. This name could also be a way of introducing the listeners to what the band is basing their songs on; the parts of life that make things less vanilla. The title of their album introduces people to this idea and brings the listener to the first song of the album.

Nothing Matters is the first song in the album. It is an alternative rock song. This song begins, like many other songs begin, with instrumentals and the vocals following soon after. The first line of the song aims to get across the message that the song is trying to get across. This message is also portrayed by the title of the song as well as the title of the album, meaning the title, ‘Nothing Matters,’ is essential to the meaning of the song. The first line of the song, ‘Nothing Matters,’ is as follows, “If hardly anything has meaning at all, why do we try so hard.” This message is strong and definitely strikes a chord. Just like the line, “Why be a hero” strikes a chord. It is striking because everyone in this life is searching for some sort of meaning this song speaks to that part of everyone. Also the phrasing of this line stands out. The wording isn’t a typical way of addressing this almost universal feeling. The usual why of stating this feeling would be, if life has no meaning, why try? This really reinforces the message. The contrasting instrumentals are pleasant and softer compared to this message. The instrumentals are still rock based.

Acceptance is another song from the album. This song also starts with instrumentals. It is lead by a guitar and drums. The vocals in this song are about a girl and a guy, it’s a love song. This is a love song about love that is unrequited. The pleasant instrumentals work well with this theme of love and although the love is unresolved, the song ends well with the instruments dropping off pleasantly at the end. This song is followed in the album by Speak to Me. This song is melancholy compared to the other songs in this album. Especially with lines like, “I can’t get anything right,” and “What to do with my whole world because I can’t be satisfied.” Once again this band is addressing an issue that most people struggle with, finding meaning in their lives. This is something which people sometimes search for their whole lives and never find.

The final song in this list is Easy Way. This song has more guitar than the other songs. “Looking for ways to make my day a little bit brighter,” is one of the lines from this song. Once again this band is searching for meaning in their lives. This band really is about asking these common questions and asking their listeners to think about these things. Plus their music is really solid and easy on the ears.


Mike Jones