Infusing Country Music with Sensory and Soul-Stirring Song Writing: Eclectic Artist Travis T Ford Set to Grace Listeners with New Album

Infusing Country Music with Sensory and Soul-Stirring Song Writing: Eclectic Artist Travis T Ford Set to Grace Listeners with New Album

Independently writing original singles, complemented by independently composed melodies, multi-instrumentalist and song-writer Travis T Ford is driven to captivate listeners with upcoming album, ‘Album 11’.

New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand – August 23rd, 2021- A powerful face in the world of Country and Soul, Travis T Ford is set to captivate and enliven listeners with yet another original release. The dynamic artist, who writes his own singles and composes his own melodies, is set to amaze listeners with a stunning new album. Titled “Album 11”, the new release will feature the best of Travis T Ford’s song writing and melodic prowess.

Apart from composing stirring melodies, the eclectic artist is also proficient at playing 14 instruments, including a diverse range of guitar styles – acoustic, electric, slide, Hawaiian- along with the piano, electric keyboard, Irish fiddle, saxophone, drums, tin whistle, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, and others.

Spinning stories that are both memorable, relatable, and poignant, Travis T Ford is a true icon when it comes to piercing through listener’s hearts, minds, and souls. Influenced by the likes of maestros such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Hayden, the talented artist exhibits a wide-ranging musical prowess, having also written and performed classical music.

The seasoned artist has already unveiled a string of albums, including “Album 8”, “Album 9”, and “Album 10”, which are upon his website, and “Album 11” will further showcase Travis’ songwriting brilliance- pen and paper being his constant companions.

With each new single, Travis T Ford narrates a spellbinding story – sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes focused on life’s trials and tribulations- but a story that is always about real life.

Visit Travis T Ford’s website and buy his songs, and follow him on Facebook and other social media to stay up to date with each new release. Feel free to contact him for interviews, and to offer someone of note or to record his music.



George A Watson, known better by his artistic name, Travis T Ford was born in Ireland and came to New Zealand at the age of 15 with his family. Growing up, the artist explored all sorts of music, from family sing-a-longs to traditional Irish country music, and everything in between. Having written his first song at age of 5, the dynamic song writer has played and recorded all over the world, performing as an opening act for Joan Armatrading on her tour of New Zealand. In May 2021, the artist unveiled his song, ‘Those Old Gospel Songs‘, which was played on World of Country, out of the U.K., and hosted by Paul Hazell. The hit single is also currently being played on several Country radio stations in New Zealand.

Travis has been involved in music all his life and hopes to continue his fascinating musical voyage until the end, whenever that may be.

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