Innovative American Rap Artist ‘Spiritual’ Announces New Single ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’

Louisiana, USA — Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 — ‘Spiritual’ is an American rapper and actor who aims to create hypnotizing beats with his music and bring back the classic 90s Hip-Hop sound. His latest single titled ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ will drop June 7, 2019.

Hailing from Louisiana, rapper and actor Spiritual is someone who has worked his way up the ladder to become the artist he is today. Having started his rap career from an early age, he is now a master in the craft and aims to reach out to a large demographic of listeners across the globe. Constantly working on new projects, Spiritual will drop his latest single titled ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’.

‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ is a catchy song that talks about political issues and social situations that make the world fall apart. In this song, he raps about child safety and elderly respect, with a catchy hook of comedy about an internet meme. His lyrics come from a personal space and he combines them with a classing Hip-Hop sound to create music that is reminiscent of a truly golden era in rap music. Having started his career with the help of two rap groups, the Shreve Town Outlawz and Q to the 4 power, Spiritual has gone on to work with Hip-Hop conglomerate called the New International Ballers. During his time with the company, he got the opportunity to work with exciting artists such as Master P, Lil Romeo, and Prime Minister.

A spokesperson for Spiritual made an official press statement to discuss the artist’s work and announce the new single “We are extremely galvanized behind Spiritual as we believe he is destined for great things. He works hard and creates a unique sound that will definitely take him places. His new single ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ is available for pre-order now and fans will love it.”

Spiritual has also recorded a song titled ‘Black Panther’. Inspired by the movie Black Panther, he wanted to commemorate black heritage and culture in his own music.

Spiritual’s entire discography and further details can be seen on his official Spotify page at





Spiritual is an American Rapper and Actor from Louisiana.  He brings good and positive rap music to the culture and now he desires to share it with the world and hopes everybody has a hip hop good time.



Tavaris James Durell

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