Inspiring and Enriching Rap Compositions: Presenting to the World, Black King Savior (BKS)

With rich and dynamic tracks that offer authentic and honest narrations rooted in his own personal experiences, Black King Savior is all set to become the genre’s best new sensation. With his fresh new albums, the maestro is looking forward to crafting a unique and dynamic presence.

Chicago, IL – March 26th, 2021 – Up-and-coming Rapper and songwriter Black King Savior is a true sensation when it comes to curating sensory and stunning musical compositions, which are both relatable and exhilarating. The budding Rapper focuses on crucial themes of love, familial feelings, community and prosperity in life’s many adventures. With his dynamic new single titled “For the Love”, the singer is reaching new heights and revolutionizing the genre. The artist has collaborated with icons such as DJ BURN ONE, who crafted his unique music and beats. An iconic partner DJ BURN ONE has worked along with striking artist such as the famed Gucci Mane, A$AP Rocky and many others.

Mixed and mastered by  MR MIX & MASTER, the honest new single “For The Love” offers fans of Black King Savior a much-needed message dispensed through powerful and moving vocals and songwriting. Highlighting a critical message which is both unique, real and moving, Black King Savior’s music is both authentic and soulful- something which most of contemporary Rap falls behind on.

The budding Rapper’s characteristic style is represented by a rich and conspicuous mix of 90’s rap flow with the realistic feel of contemporary soul music. Using his soul-stirring vocals and refreshing songwriting, the artist is inspired and motivated by his family, friends and loved ones. He strongly wishes that his music is accentuated and recognized purely by its appeal and unique songwriting. With his music, Black King Savior intends to highlight his own personal struggles and the hardships faced by Black youth within society.





An up-and-coming Rapper and songwriter, Black King Savior is based in Chicago, Illinois. The oldest of eight siblings, King’s childhood was filled with trials and tribulations. However, his life completely changed when his family moved to Chicago from East St Louis after receiving public assistance.
Black King Savior was able to focus on his music and talented compositions and started creating honest and authentic music. His peerless sense of realism is what sets him apart from other contemporaries, giving him a distinct appeal rare to most rap catalogues.

Black King Savior advocates for a systemic change in society, rallying against police brutality and racial profiling and wishes for a world where there is equality of chances in all fields for the Black community.
Passionate about creating a change, Black King Savior first got involved in many non-profit organizations, and even co-founded Transitional Training Services. Later, the artist also founded The Felony Free Society, and led the infamous march in the Chicago Defender, whereby he and 50 other individuals created a Body Bag Demonstration to raise awareness against police violence.




Name: Black King Savior
Phone Number: (773) 696-6181
Email Address: [email protected]