Inspiring Peace, Harmony and Love within the Only Race that Matters- The Human Race: Rankinfyle Hopes to Awaken Change

Empowering listeners to embrace change and develop an appreciation for diversity amidst their sisters & brothers, “Human Race” is a timely single

Chicago, IL — October 17th, 2022 – Illuminating the need to love over hate and accept everyone, no matter the color of their skin, Rankinfyle’s new single, “Human Race,” is a memorable track.

The single focuses on the fact that humans have been inhabiting the planet for over 200,000 years and have continued to cause harm to the world and each other. Racial animus and division that is rooted amidst different factions of people, has caused unrelieved global suffering.

Rankinfyle elucidates how change is needed now and empowers listeners to embrace each other as sisters and brothers by expunging evil, eradicating brutality and wiping out the biggest, deadliest, ugliest and most chronic public health crisis of them all…racism.

With powerful vocals and meaningful songwriting, Rankinfyle’s new single, “Human Race,” motivates audiences to join hands, celebrate diversity and embrace equality. The new track dropped for audiences on September 1st, 2022, and was recorded at Sweet Pea Studios and Joyride Studios in Chicago, with mixing and mastering by Blaise Barton of Joyride Studios.

With fascinating English vocals by Rankinfyle and Dr. Ava Logan, alongside Spanish vocals and translation by Rossangela AdamesTubens, the new single is both immersive and dynamic. It also features Rankinfyle on instrumentation, composition, production, and arrangement.

“What shouldn’t matter, is if we’re White, Black, or Brown. Equality must have no barriers. We can accomplish so much together as one,” says Rankinfyle.

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Anthony Rankin (Rankinfyle), also known as Tony, is a driven singer-songwriter born in Chicago, Illinois. Having been endowed with the gift of an exceptional musical ability through divine intervention when he was only 9, Rankinfyle had an innate desire to play musical instruments.

Ever since then Rankinfyle has continued to stun audiences with long-standing performances at venues such as Pops for Champagne, Philanders of Oak Park, Pete Millers, Navy Pier, Metropole Room, Union League Club, The Hyatt, The Bistro 1800 Club and at numerous corporate events. He also also received a six-month performance contract in Dubai, the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates), and Oman for the U.N. Ambassadors’ appreciation event.

His stellar works include composing T.V. commercials for Pizza Hut and other businesses with renowned firm Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. He has also served as a voting member for the (National Academy for Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards) for 18 years and has been extensively reviewed by The Jazz Institute of Chicago (J.I.C.), Pops for Champagne, The Oak Leaves, Navy Pier, and Pioneer Press. Besides music, Rankinfyle remains passionate about Facility Management and has a bachelor’s in architecture, an M.B.A. focusing on Sustainability, and is a book author.


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