Visions by Peter L

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada — Peter L, a singer, songwriter and a producer, comes with his new single Visions and his message to kids like him and the world.

This song is more than just a song, it’s also a message to kids like him and the world with his thoughts and things he wants to say.

“I got the vision, I think it’s a mission”

“Just like the lyric says, I think it’s not just for me, it’s also for those people just like me who was fear to express themselves and speak for themselves or do what they want, and I think it’s like a mission for me to make a song to those people and they might be able to get up and do want they want” quote by Peter L

It’s produced and recorded all by Peter L himself in a tiny bedroom and it might not be the song everyone likes but in Peter L’s words “it’s more than a song but a message to the world”

Just Enjoy the song

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Peter L, a singer, songwriter and producer, mainly on hip hop and alternative, started making his own music since he was eleven, taught himself guitar and music production and mainly inspired by Biggie, J. Cole, Finneas, and the list goes on.


Peter L
Name: Peter Lin
Email: [email protected]
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