Instilling the Purity of Love and Obedience of the Lord – Pastor B 27’s Inspires Passion with “A Time of Repentance”

An electric experience which awakens the spirit of duty and submission to God’s Will, “A Time of Repentance” is a soul-shaking drop

Turlock, CA — A ‘Fearless Servant’ who wishes to illuminate meaningful messages through his talents, Pastor B 27 is a singer-songwriter who represents more than just music. The ingenious craftsman recently unveiled his soul-stirring drop, “A Time of Repentance” on December 27, 2022.

An evocative, slow-paced, and tranquil groove envelops audiences as they tune into “A Time of Repentance,” easing audiences into the message that Pastor B 27 wishes to impart. However, more than just catchy tunes and mesmerizing textures, Pastor B 27’s striking songwriting and fitting instrumentation serves the purpose of ushering audiences towards the Lord.

A medley of piano, drums, guitars, strings, and synths elevate “A Time of Repentance” and deliver a moving and poignant track. Using his gifts for a greater purpose, Pastor B 27 inspires all with a cogent and spell-binding effort to guide and enlighten audiences.

Interestingly, all songs by the artist have been curated exclusively using Apple Products (GarageBand, iPad Pro) and mastered on Emastered.

Pastor B 27 explains his work as a job that is centered around encouraging the masses towards God’s obedience and becoming an agent of goodness, respect, and submission.    The artist draws a parable between his work and the biblical story of Noah building the ark:

“No one understood why he would be building such a huge boat with not a drop of water in sight, they could not comprehend why he was loving and obeying God. But Noah paid them no mind, he kept on hammering, kept on building, kept on loving GOD as the people laughed, and then it started to rain,” says Pastor B 27.

Much like Noah, Pastor B 27 also hopes to continue hammering out his talents through his scintillating tracks as he follows the Lord’s guidance. All of his efforts are in preparation for the day the first drop of rain falls and he is made to answer to the Lord.

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Pastor B 27, founder of Fearless Servant Ministries is a new unsigned artist from So Cal, currently residing in Turlock, California. A passionate and charismatic preacher, Pastor B 27 remains inspired by the signature message “To love GOD is to Obey GOD.” At 46 years old, God has instructed him to make music in addition to the duties of his calling. Pastor describes this as putting his hands to the plow and plunging forward out of his love for GOD. He has released 6 songs since October and has many more works in the queue for 2023. When asked whether GOD has a reason for all of this, he said, “Yes, GOD always has a reason, that reason is for my good. My life and the direction it goes is His purpose, His plan.”


Pastor B 27
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