Introducing Jožef Mali, Slovenia-Based Guitarist and Songwriter

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Kranj, Slovenia, EU – Ever since he first learned how to play the guitar at 16 years old, Jožef Mali felt a strong connection with all things music. That is why this multi-talented man has a long history of working as a band lead guitarist, composer, arranger, songwriter, singer, and producer. Today, he is busy writing lyrical songs and playing mesmerizing guitar compositions that captivate local and global listeners alike.

One of his most recent releases includes the song “Grief Relief Blues”. This instrumental song represents the artist’s signature style. It delivers a touching expression of guitar tunes that fans of blues and soft rock will find particularly cathartic. Jon Wright, the renowned multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator describes it as “containing enough genuine musicality and emotional expression to hook those who need relief from their grief!”

Other releases include “Sense Deception” from his CD album, ‘7 Guitar Instrumental Memories’. Every composition made by Jožef will combine sounds of pop-rock, surf rock, and blues-rock guitar music. This unique stylistic showmanship has allowed him to garner a fanbase through music festival and charity concert performances.

The artist hopes to gain an even larger fanbase across the globe with his future releases. His goal is to connect with diverse listeners who also enjoy sentimental rock music that contain deep feels.

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Jožef Mali is a guitar player, composer, arranger, singer, and producer based in Slovenia. The artist has been the lead guitarist for several pop-rock bands and is currently working solo as a songwriter and composer. He is primarily influenced by sentimental, imaginative, impressive, touching, and deep feeling soft rock. His melodic lyricism has got a lot of recognition through international songwriting competitions, and radio plays from stations like Jango Radio.




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