JasMaster Unique Lays Down the Romance

JasMaster Unique Lays Down the RomanceJas’Master Unique is a romantic who also likes to have a little fun. “Role Up A Blunt” gives you the impression that this action is being done in secret. All you really get is a hook over some dialogue and puffs. That sentiment continues with the Reggae inspired “Love Yabody.” With “Chicken and Cornbread” the title got you hungry, and the song then satisfied the appetite. The only distractor was a child yelling throughout. He sounded like Bubbles from “The Powerpuff Girls.” Things got a little quite with “Hush,” but that was expected. Jas’Master Unique is more a singer than a rapper in “Hey You Sexy” as he plays the seductress looking for attention. If he wins you over with that, you’re assured it’s love since he stands up for it in “Don’t Be Ashamed to Love.” Jas’Master Unique is a singer who can go from am herbal refreshment to a heartfelt sentiment at the turn of a dial. If you’re the same way, check out Jas’Master Unique. (https://soundcloud.com/jason-rashad-rogers)