Jereaux Cocayne and His Musical Trips

Jereaux Cocayne and His Musical TripsJ’ereaux Cocayne creates far off lands right with just simple arrangements and beats. “Dreams of Tahiti” creates this vacation mood that’s somewhere between reality and drifting off. There seems to be a theme with J’ereaux Cocayne’s music in that there’s almost always a destination be it a thug version of “Cabo San Lucas,” a metropolitan version of “Hawaii,” the relaxation of the “Jamaica Sun.” All the locales are there and sometimes they throw in an ironic twist, be it the white sands of Hawaii being a city or Cabo being in the midst of an urban neighborhood. Not every song from J’ereaux Cocayne is about a postcard paradise, there is the epic sounds of “Bricks for Sale” the adventure that’s all in your head with “Mind Journey.” If you’re into instrumental music that’s based in the beats and sounds realm, check out J’ereaux Cocayne. (