Lancethepants Makes You Dance

Lancethepants Makes You DanceLancethepants is a new DJ/producer in the scene from Canada who puts together mad beats and does so with skill and precession. “Alien” sounds out of this world, literally. It sounds like E.T.’s cousin is telling you to put “your hands in the air” the whole time. Listening to “5X2=12” is easier than solving for “X.” Math jokes aside, this track has a well paced build up to the climax and keeps you busy dancing along. All of Lancethepants’ tracks are well named, like “Zombie.” Only this isn’t scary, but more like a video game where you save the world from the undead. “Run Banana, Run” also sounds like a video game console soundtrack for the dance floor. Lancethepants is just getting started, so hop on the train now before there are no more seats to his party. If you like electronic music, check out Lancethepants. (