Mr. Poetry King Gots Beats

Mr. Poetry King Gots BeatsMr. Poetry King has charted on Reverbnation thanks to his plethora of beats, so check him out before he’s the next big thing so that you can say you knew him when. “Jam Baby Jam” is just a beat you can get lost in. Put it on when you have studying to do, it won’t distract, but will indeed motivate you to stay awake while you bounce along to it. “Old” does the same thing as the last, while “On This Raining Day” relies on the sounds of nature infused with ones that spring from your keyboard to bring a light and airy feel to Mr. Poetry King’s music. “Coming to America” has a more urban feel to it and stands out for the dialogue dispersed throughout. “Accepting Who I Am” doesn’t give you this awe inspiring feeling like the title would suggest, it just keeps you busy moving a little here and there. If you’re into beat makers, check out Mr. Poetry King…He’s got a ton. (