JD Days new Christmas Single “Evergreen Christmas” is reminiscent of The Beatles

JD Days is releasing a new single “Evergreen Christmas” on all digital platforms and is releasing to radio this Christmas Season.

Christmas fans will be able to unwrap their present early this year. JD Days is surprising new fans with his latest Christmas Single Evergreen Christmas. The timeless Christmas love ballad “Evergreen Christmas” has all the spirit and warmth of classic Christmas music and the sounds of The Beatles.

It’s been a long year for most people, as it was hard to be able to listen to live music. It is uncertain whether people will be able to have an ordinary Christmas this year, and a new Christmas single featuring this kind of traditional and reassuring sound will certainly come as a relief after these difficult times.

JD Days is an incredible live performer, and though he wasn’t able to play as many shows as he would have liked to he really captured something phenomenal with his latest hit “Evergreen Christmas”. In addition to this Christmas single, JD Days is putting out his first major radio release. “Evergreen Christmas” is being sent out on multiple radio formats: Adult AC, Christmas, Pop, Americana and Country.

The song will be new to many listeners, but they will be immediately captured by the familiar sound and JD eerily captures the sound of John Lennon and the Beatles. The lyrics are about love, and you immediately think of all the couples that might be together on December 25th, finally enjoying some time together on this special day of the year.

While the sound and lyrics of “Evergreen Christmas” appear to be more traditional, I think everybody could use a bit of cheering up these days with Christmas coming around the corner. The new single “Evergreen Christmas” will be the perfect way to bring listeners some cheer for Christmas Holiday and to make them think about their special someone.

Christmas is also a time when we should be counting our blessings and if your chief blessing happens to be your spouse or partner, your shoulder to lean on…perhaps even to cry on, then remember to tell them how important they are to you. And if you are not great at putting into words just how you feel, JD has already done the hard work for you. Just play them this song to express how you really feel about them. Simple.

Evergreen Christmas will be available on all digital platforms.

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