Manny Cabo Drops New Single

Manny Cabo is making a habit of creating lasting moments. “The Last One”, his latest country-pop track is extra special in meaning and triggers an immediate emotional reaction. If not for Cabo’s charismatic tenor, then “The Last One” wouldn’t be the hit that it is. Lucky for us listeners, his talents continue to choose songs rich in storylines and inspiring lyrics. “The Last One” is also the latest Bonnie Warren-penned song to which Cabo contributes his vocals.


Time goes by when you’re making plans, Cabo growls. His deep voice changes quickly, into a catchy melody of him singing the lines cause if any time you feel the last time, cause if any time could be the last time, I’m gonna hold you closer, closer, closer than the first time…baby, any time could be the last one, oh, could be the last one. Establishing he can hit different octaves and move the song along, he’s bolstered only by a very faint piano bed and a bluesy-country rock electric guitar. The drums kick in, but the guitars and Cabo take to the spotlight.

That guitar can really sing and it’s a fantastic touch to Cabo’s vocals. I loved that pairing. Contemporary country fans will go gaga over this tune. Cabo really makes his case that he can carry both a rock tune and a country rock track and mold both with his vocal prowess. He makes the listener feel safe and almost like he’s their friend. You have an immediate connection with a guy like Cabo because you can always tell he’s singing from his heart. He’s having the time of his life. He’s happy and it shows in his work. This song is a great sing along, but it’s also a song that makes the lister dig deeper into their heart and mind and cherish the little moments.

Warren, who also worked with Cabo on a string of singles that includes “Hate Has No Home Here”, “Wear Your Words” and “All Night Again”. Fans might also recognize Cabo from his stint on NBC’s The Voice. He was in rare company, getting a four-chair spin from The Voice coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and in his 2015 blind audition. He took control of the situation with his rendition of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”. After performing  The Who’s “Baba Riley” audiences were shocked with Cabo was sent home. So where does he sit today? He’s moved from New Jersey and made Nashville his new home base.

 Some might argue that he’s still searching for his genre, a spot for a voice such as his. I think he’s found it in the country world.  “The Last One” is a one of those songs that could be well on its way to becoming a radio staple, but just as easily (and selfishly) be the badly needed nightly escape for those feeling down or suffering. Cabo and Warren remind listeners to take advantage of what is it front of us, love a little longer and embrace a little longer. “The Last One” is one of 2020’s top hits for sure.

Zachary Rush

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