Jesslyn McCutcheon Creates Soulful and Inspiring Christian Music

Jesslyn McCutcheon is driven to explore her stunning intrinsic vocal talents and spread God’s word, as she curates the most soulful and melodious musical compositions that stir and stimulate listeners.

King, North Carolina –  Inspired by life itself and adamant that Jesus is the Provider of peace and mental clarity, Jesslyn McCutcheon is a born again Christian utilizing her powerful voice to express her faith and help others find themselves through God. Jesslyn McCutcheon is hopeful that tomorrow will bring with itself peaceful comings and serenity, and through her vocal talents she channels this same vibe and mood. Jesslyn’s new EP, ‘Run’ was released on February 5th on all major platforms including Spotify and YouTube. Driven by strong lyricism and soul-stirring vocals and musical beats, the five-song EP is Jesslyn’s contribution in making 2021 a year that heals and brings forward progress and good sentiments.

The inspiration behind the title track, “Run” is an introspective narrative about Jesslyn herself – a woman who has had a change of heart and relationship with Jesus Christ. Running to Jesus and starting and ending her day with Him has allowed her to lift the weights and burden off her shoulders making each day a blessing.
Another song on the EP, “Hang On”, inspires fans to keep fighting with God on your side. Everyone has obstacles and challenges that can feel like never-ending grief and sadness, but as Jesslyn says, “if you can ‘hang on’ God has you in the palm of His hands and will see you through. You got to give it to Him. Every last bit. You may feel like you have lost everything, you are hanging by a thread. I am here to tell you that your current situation can get better. Don’t give up hope. Keep fighting but fight with God right by you.”

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Jesslyn McCutcheon is an up-and-coming contemporary Christian singer and songwriter hailing from King in North Carolina. Jesslyn released her first solo studio solo album in November 2019, titled “On The Edge.” Jesslyn started writing at the age of 23 after she was home bound for 2 years due to severe depression. At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder which she refused to accept at the time. Jesslyn now is no longer afraid of who she is or what she has to face having this disorder. She hopes that her music will help inspire others who walk through the darkness at times in their life and come out on the other side. Jesslyn has been a Christian since the age of 6 but her faith was shattered when going through her early/mid 20’s and having to face all that she did. She struggled for many years with unspeakable pain and wondered where was God during all of this? Could He even hear her? Jesslyn wants the world to know that it is only because of God she is where she is today and her music will express just that. It took Jesslyn a while to finally find her place in this world but she is on a mission that nothing can stop her now from sharing her story and the message of how good God is.


Name: Jesslyn McCutcheon
Email: [email protected]