John Anaya Celebrates Scottish Freedom and Integrity With New Single

Presenting a unique infusion of folk and electronic music

Kirkcaldy, Scotland, United Kingdom — Inspired by the majesty of Scotland, John Anaya has crafted a love letter to his country in the form of a unique twist on traditional folk music by infusing his refined lyricism with modern electronic sounds. The result is an immensely eclectic and replayable song that serves tribute to the artist’s country.

The song features some brilliant guitar-picking combined with layered vocals all tied together with some rhythmic percussion. This live instrumentation makes for an extremely engaging experience. Combine this with the introspective lyricism that speaks on themes such as liberty and love and what you have is a piece of music that will unveil something new each time a listener repeats it.

Since Anaya is an independent artist, this permits him to experiment with his music freely. He believes that audiences crave for new and novel ideas in music. In his own words, “The audience is smarter than most big labels/media give them credit for.” This respect for the audience is what encourages him to try new ideas without being afraid. This lack of fear is what he believes will lead him to new heights.

Anaya looks to the future with optimism. His objective is to make music with a meaning that stands on its own irrespective of time or image. In 2022, he hopes to begin performing his own music more at festivals and gigs with his new showcase band in order to continue gathering a loyal army of fans and supporters.

Northern Light is the first single for John Anaya’s upcoming EP titled “Where The Sea Meets The Sky” set to be released on 22nd February 2022.

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John Anaya is an experienced lyricist who has been writing songs his entire life and has been releasing music since 2002. He has received multiple songwriting awards such as the 2015 Best Folk EP Akademia and the 2019 Danny Kyle Award at the Celtic Connections Glasgow UK. Imbued with an intense passion for recording, producing, performing, and writing music, the artist is determined to make it to the big stages and garner a loyal audience that resonates with his core messages.


John Anaya
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