The Largest Work in the World is Politically charged and musically ambitious!

Salt Lake City, Utah — A series of movies devoted to Steve Kusaba’s Centrifugal Satz Clock musical work are being released. The latest group of movies being about media and its role in the controlling public perception to suit the societies elite. The 6th movie of David Cartwright is being released on February 12.

David Cartwright’s series of movies has covered topics like war, law and now media. The music is tied to the subject matter and reaches zeniths of intensity as well as tranquil tableau’s. Part 6, which is devoted to media reveals much that the public can find compelling. With the release of such a large number of movies people can find them and more online at dedicated sites as well as YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets.

According to Steve Kusaba “This series is a magnificent visual accompaniment to the intense ideas and music in the Centrifugal Satz Clock. This work not only is documentary in nature but it features extremely beautiful art that goes hand and hand with the music. I am very grateful to have such a talent tie their work to my music.”

David Cartwright has said “These movie releases, sequential works of an informative nature as artistic vehicles to produce pleasure and work with the music to form a synthesis. The topics of these movies are very important and positive for the public to become aware of.”

Where the public can find prior movies:

People who wish to participate in future releases from this series are invited to apply to be interviewed about relevent aspects of the topics. According to David Cartwright “This is a work for the public to enjoy as well as to be a part of.”

Prior collaborations between Steve Kusaba and David Cartwright include: and




Steve Kusaba writes music which is multi-genre and incorporates the most exciting features of all musical worlds. Fugues can appear in rock pieces, complex harmonies in pop songs all wrapped into comedy, serious topics and euphoric musical worlds in a 47 hour work which is the Centrifugal Satz Clock.


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