John Paris Paints a Musical Portrait

John Paris Paints a Musical PortraitUnburden your ears and relax your senses with the beautiful piano solos of John Paris, an internationally recognized performer of new age jazz fusion. Combining the saucy sensibilities of light jazz fusion with the experimental and soothing nature of new age, this composer and arranger creates fascinating songs filled with inspiring melodies and tranquil rhythms. Now riding the release of his latest album, Reflections, he’s added 14 new original pieces to his already burgeoning repertoire.

Paris’ open and honest love for music shines through on each and every one of his tracks, emitting a type of spiritual enlightenment not typically exhibited by other jazz or new age contemporaries. The songs are all written in a spontaneous, improvisational style similar to Liz Story or Keith Jarrett, adding an exciting, unpredictable flair to the music. Experience some of Paris’ gorgeous musical portraits today with songs such as “Cold Winter Night” and “Lonely Raindrop.”