Journey to the Outer Space with Matthew Hunkin’s E.P. PINK LANDING

California-based singer/songwriter takes the listeners on an exhilarating journey to PINK

Salton City, CA – May 17th, 2021 – Matthew Hunkins is a rising star. In the alternate universe that the artist explores in his music, the previous statement can be literally true. With the release of his E.P. “PINK LANDING”, the artist takes the listeners to a symbiotic Funk Pop and Rock space journey to planet PINK and beyond. Inspired by electronic pop music produced by the likes of Prince, Gwen Stefani, and Outcast, as well as by the science fiction writers such as Ray Bradbury and H.G. Wells, Matthew Hunkins explores a vibrant universe in E.P. “PINK LANDING”. If you fancy a ride, check him out on Spotify, YouTube, or the official United Masters link.

The E.P. “PINK LANDING” features an opener and promo video titled “I’M LOANLY.” It symbolizes whooshing past a relationship between a loan and loneliness on a normal neon Saturday night. This opening video is followed by the titular track, “PINK LANDING.” In the title song, the protagonist of the E.P. is launched into a Hollywood movie universe where the sun never rises, and the day never begins. The middle track of the E.P., “Stabbed in The Back,” laments over the evils that the protagonist left far behind in the old planet.

As the tracks progress, the journey through space continues. One track titled “ALIENLADYOUTERSPACE BABY” resolves the outsiders’ struggle with the veils that they have come to represent and the listeners see the outsiders come to grips with being pursued for the harms they are associated with. The journey through space comes to an end with the ending track titled “MY ANIMAL MACHINE” which is a reflection of the fact that life never truly lands us anywhere for long and the journey continues.

The E.P. “PINK LANDING” is produced, written, and performed by the artist Matthew Hunkins and his alter ego (DVLSPHRMCY). It is a result of production carried out solely at home with the use of things like GarageBand, Splice sounds, Waves Audio plugins, MacBook Pro, Blu Microphones, and Washburn guitars.

“PINK LANDING” was released in August 2020 via United Masters/Translation Enterprises and published by Matthew Hunkins own “Monolithic Hideout Music” and “MajorArcanaLabel” holdings.


Coming out of the gate in 2017 as a solo artist subsequent to playing in a vast array of bands over many years, California-based musician/producer Matthew Hunkins has been wearing many musical hats. He continues to prove that he’s a standout in a long line of other musicians. This is evidences in his multiple 2020 releases including “Pictures On The Walls”, “BLK LVS MTR”, “Super Con Fuse”, “Trials Of A Many Kind”, “Feed Duh Flames” and “Watch Me Dog.”


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