Kentucky-Based Hip Hop Artist Pioneering a New Era – Needle Makes His Mark in Rap

Armed with an ingenious lyrical spirit and a passion for the art of Hip Hop, Needle is swiftly becoming a generation defining Hip Hop act

Harned, Kentucky —April 5th, 2023 – Needle, the rising star in the rap scene, is one of the few of his generation who still makes rap music that he himself enjoys listening to. Four years ago, Needle was just another factory worker going through the motions of day-to-day life when someone stopped him and suggested he might have some talent for rap. Intrigued, Needle started diving deeper into the world of music, both in terms of its business and artistic sides.

However, the artist quickly discovered that the rap industry is not always welcoming to newcomers without a massive amount of snare and no real lyrical ingenuity. Despite this, Needle remains undeterred and is focused on creating music that is inspiring and uplifting.

At this very moment, Needle wants people to take a break from all the stress and chaos of the world and possibly learn something valuable from his songs. With his music, he aims to elevate his listeners from the dark times we are currently facing. The artist’s driving focus is on inspiring others and making an impact through his music.

Needle is not just looking for a larger fan base, he is also interested in collaborating with other artists who share his vision and passion for music. Feel free to reach out to him for collaborations at [email protected]

With a unique style and a passion for creating music that truly resonates with his listeners, Needle is sure to make a name for himself in the rap industry. Fans and collaborators alike should keep a close eye on him, as he is just getting started on his journey to the top. Follow Needle on his social media channels to stay up to date on his latest releases and collaborations.



Tailor Curtis, also known by his artistic identity, Needle is reshaping Rap music in the contemporary world. The talented artist grew up in Breckinridge County, Kentucky- a region where it is more appropriate to blast country music than Rap. Yet, exploring his own passion and inclination towards Rap, the artist discovered an unmatched love for hip hop at an early age. However, he did not find an environment to pursue it as a real career and 2 weeks out of high school, Needle joined the workforce welding in a factory 7 days a week.

After almost 3 years, the promising artist decided that this was not the life he was meant to live. “I felt destined for more, so I began writing music. My only goal is to keep my music as real as possible,” recalls Needle, regarding his turning point in life. On a pathway to hopefully help people through dark times like music has always helped him, Needle turned his attention towards his one true love- creating original and layered Hip Hop music.


Name: Needle
Email: [email protected]




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