Embrace Mankind, End of Lockdown and Epiphany Artistic Journey with Brazz Ankh

London, England, United Kingdom — Born a January 6, Brazz Ankh is convinced that music is a Light that can change and save mankind. This January 2023, Brazz Ankh  not only celebrates her birthday but also her musical journey with the second release of Positive Lockdown albuman eclectic album that she produced during first lockdowns and has featured artists from around the world – Metamorphisis, a cocktail of instrumental sounds and the 6-month old of the EP with the Return of Ankh, with afrohouse, hiphop and everything-in-between tracks with the vocals of her beloved ancestors including her granny who has celebrated her 85th birthday a 4th July.

Brazz Ankh’s music is for everyone who likes eclectic tracks and a bit of risky discovery. The artist loves producing originals in a world where covers, public domain releases and remixes can be sometimes more successful than original tracks. Positive Lockdown and Metamorphisis will be available again on the 21st of January 2023 with some tracks of Positive Lockdown already available on Youtube ! The Return of Ankh is already available on all platforms.

This quote of Brazz Ankh can summarize her vision of mankind and part of its purpose  “She believe All Are Music. As light is a wave, all are made out of light and music is a unique particular wave, everybody sounds and is like keys of instruments” .

For the fun fact, Brazz Ankh choose her name upon her place of birth – Brazzaville in Congo ( Africa) – and the Ankh which is the Egyptian name of the Cross of Life and sign of positive energy and that can be found even in the Catholic theology. There is nothing mysterious which lies in the use of this particular sign but a true love from an Ancient Egypt passionate!

“Let’s kickstart the year 2023 with all Light we can including music ! ” is Brazz Ankh moto for this year.

Watch the Instagram space to know more about Brazz Ankh news, positive miscellaneous and contact the artist ; everyone can also download free music on Soundcloud



Brazz Ankh is a music producer, composer and DJ based in London UK.

She learnt to play the piano at 12 years old but was not really involved into real music making process until 2005 – gospel song “Nzambe Ke Kuna” was written though – meaning ‘God is There’ in kikongo her African language and the first version of the afro-house track “Jack The System” (currently in the album Positive Lockdown). However the two first singles were released only in 2018 including the afro-house track Nzambe Ke Kuna (Wakanda Mix) inspired by the movie Black Panthers and “C’est ça La France” – powerful Marseillaise on French diversity and assets.

Then instrumental and sound cocktail EP Metamorphisis was released in 2019 followed in 2020 by “Positive Lockdown” album “a love declaration to the diversity of music and positive vibes.” thanks to talented artists , determination and a zest of social distancing!

Last but not least, Brazz Ankh both finishes 2022 and begins 2023 with The Return of Ankh – where she shares her love for alternative music and her roots – released in July 2022 with additional tracks for 2023.


Brazz Ankh
Name: Brazz Ankh


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brazzankh/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@brazzankh9194
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