Voices of the World Turn Up The Volume to Amplify Mike Wolf’s Hymn for Ukraine ‘Our Place In Time’

A timeless and powerful hymn sung and performed by artists across the globe, Mike Wolf’s newest track highlights the value of freedom and liberty

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA — A cry to empower the voices of the world, Mike Wolf’s striking music release, “Our Place in Time” is dedicated to all displaced innocents seeking refuge from the war in Ukraine. A soulful and magnetizing release, the new track has been performed and interpreted by artists in every corner of the free world.

“Our Place in Time” honors the 12 million Ukrainians who have been forced to seek refuge outside their country or have become displaced within their own homeland. Amplifying the interests and voices of those who remain hopeful for the day when they will again have the freedom to choose, the freedom to thrive, the freedom to be. Mr. Wolf’s music does this better than any other.

An inspirational collective, the Kanketa Orchestra in Venezuela consists of seasoned veteran studio performers from many countries. Sung by Mariana Thielen (Disney’s voice of the Little Mermaid), the gripping single has amassed over 14,000 views in just the first three weeks of its release. “Our Place in Time” has already become a hit and has been received with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation in the Ukraine, with a daily outpouring of letters of thankfulness from all over the world for this unique and timely work of art.

KANKETA, “Journey in Balance” remains at the heart of the Kanketa Global Systems consulting team. The Kanketa company was officially founded in 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The firm’s overall mission is to help small business owners with 1 to 30 employees through difficult times. The Kanketa group worked tirelessly to help hundreds of businesses survive the housing crash, and the stock market tumbles, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on November 24, 2021, Kanketa Global Systems redirected its focus. Moved by the horrific events of the war, the firm’s employees came together to support the company’s attention and resources for a free Ukraine. A concerted effort for the cause, “Our Place in Time ” received a dramatic boost after The Washington Post brought its audiences to this powerful anthem.

The Kanketa company diligently continues to remain steadfast and devoted to its Ukraine mission. Every viewer is encouraged to donate to organizations such as: Ukrainian Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, Voices of Children, as well as Future for Ukraine. Kanketa Global also supports the World Food Program for Ukrainian Refugee families and the Ukraine Red Cross for critical life-saving medicines during the current harsh winter. Listeners can find “Our Place in Time” on the front page of Kanketa.com, as well as on the official YouTube channel.


At the heart of the Kanketa Global Systems’ powerful new release is instrumentalist, arranger, and composer Mike Wolf. Wolf attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston, as well as the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He is also the author of Business Books (Amazon) “Business Recovery in Difficult Times,”: and his latest, “Always Have a Predictable Profit.”  In his career, Mike Wolf performed on national stage alongside musicians such as the Everly Brothers and Gladys Knight, and co-wrote and performed  “Get on Up” with the Esquires. He and Rafael Rico are at the core of the Kanketa Orchestra in Venezuela.

By Michael McDermott

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