Original Acoustic Music with an Authentic and Refreshing Feel- George Breakfast Enlivens the Soul with New Album “Lucky!”

An award-winning and beloved sensation, George Breakfast delivers a charming and appealing set of songs with his new record, ‘Lucky!’

London, Greater London, United Kingdom — “Lucky!” is an album which is strung together with a unique depth and irresistable melodies and rhythms. A witness to George Breakfast’s wide-ranging talents as an artist and musician, “Lucky!” features nothing but the artist’s striking instrumentation style and engaging, poignant vocals on all but the final two tracks. The moving songs, “Here Tonight” and “Wait and See” feature Cambridge legend John Wright on the guitar, beautifully balancing George’s skill sets.

George Breakfast’s new album, “Lucky!” is now available for streaming on all official platforms and can also be ordered directly in CD form. Fans of the genre have been won over by the record’s exceptional sound and describe the music as a familiar, gentle, and touching companion that feels like its been around forever. With a fresh and appealing worldview, through a style of music which he knows and performs best, George Breakfast is a treat for listeners looking for soul-striking music.

Apart from extensive travel, the seasoned artist has lived in the UK, South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark as well as 9 years in New York City. His diverse experiences have cultivated within him an open-minded perspective of the dynamic, modern world of today.

With an inclination to accept rather than judge those who think differently than him, George Breakfast has remained on a Christian contemplative path for several years now. His influences are subtly reflected within the kind of art he crafts. George enjoys a small yet loyal following scattered around the world. In the next year or two, he aims to have his music heard more widely and reach more listeners.

Visit George Breakfast’s official website, to find out more about the artist and listen to and enjoy his splendid new album, “Lucky!”. Visit his Bandcamp page and follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram to reach out to the artist. The artist remains open to any reviews, interviews, and fresh opportunities to go out and perform live!



George Breakfast is a seasoned singer-songwriter who adopted his unique artistic identity shortly after moving to New York City in 1982. George began singing in public in Cambridge in the UK when he was 17. Since then, he has been involved in duos, trios and bands spread across England, France, Germany and New York City. He has also played music extensively on the street all over Europe and in NYC.

An enviable talent, George has recorded many albums both on his own and as a member of various outfits. A number of these can be found on his Bandcamp page as well.

“I’m inspired more than anything by great songs and songwriters, and great live performances of all kinds. I am not a big fan of loud music so mostly prefer acoustic settings these days. I’ve been behaving like this for over 50 years, and have no plans to stop!” says the artist regarding his music and plans.


George Breakfast
Name: George Breakfast
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