Krispin Studer: Devil’s Eyes

Krispin Studer ReviewKrispin Studer’s “Devil’s Eyes” is an EP chalked full of gems for anyone who is a fan of folky pop that has some light rock elements tossed in the rough. “It’s Gone” has this light and airy feel that definitely screams folky singer songwriter from the rooftops. It’s a great welcome mat for the whole record. It has heart to it that is realistic. Then you roll into “Devil’s Eyes.” At first this one seems like a downer and then it picks up to suddenly brush those thoughts away. However, it takes awhile for the lyrics to kick in. I was convinced it was an instrumental piece for like a minute. There’s a strain in the delivery with “Back Home” but I think it makes it sound more like a live track because of the imperfections. I feel like “Never the Same” sounds like something you’d hear on a mixtape alongside Ryan Adams and Mellencamp. It just has this Americana, yet rock feel to it. Plus, the guitar lick is killer. Anyways, rounding out “Devil’s Eyes” is “Paranoid Feelings.” This one is good, but I think “Never the Same” would’ve been a better ending since it went so well with “It’s Gone,” it would’ve made the album come full circle. Nevertheless, the record is well made and constructed from raw skill and if you’re an Adams fan, check out “Devil’s Eyes,” out now by Krispin Studer. (