Lead singer of the Catsanovas is not to kind on the rap industry

NAPERVILLE, IL – Meet Cedric…an ordinary young man w/ extraordinary integrity. A gentle voice that sings harsh words. An unconfident soul w/ super-determination. An insecure person who risks his security for what he believes is right. A loving individual who hates today’s hypocrisies. A speaker of truth in a truth-less society. A prophet in an irreverent world.

Meet Cedric, believer of a new freedom, not restricted by conventional approaches. Lover of those who use their hands, hater of those who push buttons. Individualistic, feeling out of place in the solar system. Meet Cedric, speaking his mind clearly with new sounds, new images, new ideas.





I’m Cedric with my rotating ensemble of the Catsanovas. I was born in Kigali, Rwanda then 10 years later decided to move to the united states to pursue a better life. Early me was very much influenced by punk rock music and john Lennon(my third song on ep is a beatles cover). Punk rock and early beatles records like I want to hold your hand or Daytripper made me want to learn guitar, so I decided to pick it up and learn. This is actually around the time I came up with the riff for Rwandan Energy was listening to a lot of Ramones, Black Flag, Misfits, Agent Orange, etc. Later in my highschool career my tastes changed due to being bored of listening to the same sounding distorted guitars found on punk records. I think the Catsanovas more experimental sound is influenced by 80s new wave like B-52s, Devo, Altered images also dunedin sound i really loved bands like: The Bats, 3Ds, The Clean, The Verlaines.



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