Looking To Freshen Up Your Playlist: Add This Space-Themed Album.

Faversham, Kent, United Kingdom — All Glory to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who inspired DJ Elizabeth Kay to make music at such a time she experienced loneliness and severe emotional ups and downs; in dire need of God’s healing.

If you didn’t know, DJ Elizabeth Kay is a Christian Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer and CEO tackling the popularity of the secular music industry with Jesus music.

  1. This comes with saying that her album, (yes, album) titled: ‘Gold’ falls under Christian music. Space-themed, it consists of three Christian songs that aim to get audiences on their feet. The first of the three titled ‘The Rapture’, the space-infused, fuzzy sounded song, is based off of a biblical prophecy that fortells of Jesus’s return to gather his people; the righteous ones. It’s filled with synth like instruments embezzled with vocal riffs and runs sang by DJ Elizabeth Kay. Withal, ‘The Rapture’ may make listeners go into deep thought.

The second of the three Christian songs on ‘Gold’ is titled ‘I’m Not Alone’, infused with airy and hard synth notes topped with smooth vocals. ‘I’m Not Alone’ by DJ Elizabeth Kay is one that can make listeners experience feelings of goodness and not being alone. Lyrics ‘All alone, I’m not alone…God’s presence can be in my home’ encaptures this. If listeners are looking for a fresh song to add to their playlists, ‘I’m Not Alone’ shouldn’t be missed, it should be added.

Lastly, as part of the Space-themed album titled ‘Gold’ by DJ Elizabeth Kay, ‘It Can Be’ is a funky, fresh, chilled Christian song that has a summer vibe to it. DJ Elizabeth Kay sings ‘It can be a beautiful day when you have faith in God and when you pray’. The vocals are playful, showcasing riffs whilst the melody and beat are relaxing. With ‘It Can Be’s’ space vibes, listeners who have playlists or are thinking of making one or some, should consider adding this song.

Aspiring Artists – Jesus is the way. No added sorrows to his provision of wealth at all. Listeners should not hesitate to ask DJ Elizabeth Kay for prayers if they are in need of them. The world has seemingly become much darker but the Light of Jesus supersedes than that of the darkness. In addition to this, listeners can listen to DJ Elizabeth Kay’s album with ease and expect the theme of space in the album that is called: Gold by DJ Elizabeth Kay.

Listen to the album here: https://open.spotify.com/album/13ZWAIksXpaP5bqtZBPXCa?si=VTxNS8JITVCJElv_9MRBbg




DJ Elizabeth Kay is a Christian Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer and CEO tackling the popularity of the secular music industry with Jesus music. Her background consists of studying music at GSCE level with no further optional-advancement though, she went on to study music virtually with Berklee College of Music Online (unaudited) to the Glory of God.

DJ Elizabeth Kay’s music would be described as Christian music that is ‘fun’ ‘space-like’ and ‘synth infused’.


DJ Elizabeth Kay
Name: Dj Elizabeth Kay
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07511909358
Press Kit: https://www.issuewire.com/listen-to-this-space-themed-album-christian-music-to-your-ears-1795878517371656


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djelizabethkay?igsh=dWJhb25lM3I2Ymt5
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCSqAZrabru2KnIr6xCd43nQ?si=Y9NpZ-XDFIpvOlri
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LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dj-elizabeth-k-ab325a240


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