Lucy Lowis Showcases Lively Indie Sounds


Upcoming Album Highlights New Talent

Kalamazoo, Michigan – September 15, 2020 – Lucy Lowis is a new, young artist that is wowing people around the world with her immense talent. Lucy is set to release her debut album “Seventh Cycle Soul,” following a series of singles ready for streaming.

“Seventh Soul Cycle” will feature Lucy’s skillful guitar playing with her upbeat energy. Her powerful voice sings about life, animal rescue, and sustainability. Her songwriting abilities feature a talent well beyond her young years. The album will feature 13 tracks. Lucy’s singles will be released on various streaming platforms as follows:
9/1/2020 “Smile”
10/1/20 “Safe Haven”
11/1/20 “You and Me”

Lucy Lowis is a 16-year-old singer/songwriter from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her talent has taken her to The Fretboard Festival in Kalamazoo and saw her come up as a finalist for the past two years. Lucy has achieved successful performances and she is now performing regularly in local venues while maintaining her studies. Her song “Safe Haven” was featured at a holiday fundraiser where she also was a showcased performer alongside several seasoned musicians.

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