Making Music and Cruising the Lonely Streets of LA: This is Bobby Conerly

Through his compelling tunes in the genre of RnB and outstanding skills as a musician, rising artist Bobby Conerly is all set to make a name for himself in the world of music

Houston, Texas – June 25th, 2021 – Robert Conerly aka Bobby Conerly is a 77 year old singer and songwriter from Texas. This emerging artist is a singer and a songwriter who has incredible excellence in the genre of RnB. With the release of his brand new single titled ‘Cruising LA’ from his upcoming album, the talented artist is hoping to put forth his musical skills for music fans around the world to appreciate and admire.

Packed with soft and melancholic themes of RnB, the single is bound to impress the fans of RnB style of music. The blend of somber tunes and refreshing beats is an art of its own, and it reflects perfectly in the song. This sense of art and creativity shines through the rest of Bobby Conerly’s songs too. All tracks on the upcoming album are unique and creative in their own way, and that’s exactly who Bobby Conerly is as an artist. His sense of music and direction is incredibly creative, and that’s what makes him stand out amongst the rest. ‘Cruising LA’ is proof enough of Bobby’s artistic individuality and distinctive sound. The song is made by mixing and balancing certain elements of music in order to come up with something extremely especial, and Bobby Conerly has done that with finesse.

The up-and-coming artist worked on the entire song all by himself. He is a singer and a songwriter who has released a number of musical compositions up until now. Several of these releases will be available on his upcoming album, on which he has been working for quite a while now. Bobby Conerly had his very first international release when he was a part of the Duke Peacock record label. He was working there as a staff writer and wrote for legendary artists such as Buddy Ace, Mel Waiters, Marvin Sease, Bobby Blue Bland and others. He was also signed to 2 other record labels, namely Eve Jim Records and Malaco Records.

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Robert Conerly aka Bobby Conerly graduated from the LA Film School, and started pursuing his passion for music professionally. He started out in music at the age of 17 when he was discovered by Don D. Robey, President and Founder of Duke Peacock Records. This signing gave Bobby the exposure he was looking for as he made friends with label mates such as Carl Carlton, OV Wright, Buddy Ace, Bobby Bland and many more.

Bobby Conerly got the opportunity to work in preproduction with these legendary artists at such a young age and build his musical skills. He went on to sing many demos for the company’s artists before and after his 1970’s hit ‘Whole Lot of Soul is Gone’. Bobby remained with Duke Peacock until the sale of the company to ABCD Dunghill.



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