Street Corner Kings Release New Single, “Can’t Quit”

The emerging band, Street Corner Kings, is creating a wave of positive change in the world of rock.

New York, NY – June 28th, 2021 – On May 31st, 2021 Street Corner Kings released their brand new single, Can’t Quit in celebration of all those who want to reach beyond and discover their own greatness. With lyrics by Bobby Santangelo and inspired by American gymnast Simone Biles’ incredible journey of perseverance, drive and achievement, the song showcases the band’s outstanding and unique musical skills and delivers a strong inspirational message.

It all started when guitarist Jeff Lowell sent a rough instrumental track to Bobby Santangelo with a note that said, “Here’s a new chord progression. All I need are some words and a melody.” A few days later, Bobby was watching a TV program with a segment on Simone Biles. He was so moved by her story that he started thinking about perseverance and will. He then listened to the instrumental track Jeff had sent him and started singing his newly written words over it. He recorded a rough version and sent it back to Jeff who loved the tune. They played it for fellow bandmates, Allan Doyle and Steve Ulbricht who saw the song’s potential and they all worked out the final version. Can’t Quit was finished a few days later at Allan’s recording studio and ready to be shared with the world.

Can’t Quit is a song about hope and triumph. Simone Biles proved to be a shining beacon of positivity in a world full of pain and uncertainty. Street Corner Kings hope that listeners will be inspired by their song, just as they were inspired by Simone’s story.



Based in New York, Street Corner Kings is a rock band consisting of four members: Jeffrey Thomas Lowell; Robert Santangelo; Allan Doyle; and Steven Ulbricht. Jeff is an accomplished songwriter, composer, and plays guitar, bass, keyboards and electronic drums. Rob, lead vocalist and guitarist, is a beloved singer/songwriter who regularly entertains New York City audiences. Allan is a composer, producer, arranger, recording engineer and keyboardist. Steve is a classically-trained, multi-instrumentalist who plays bass and and performs background vocals.

Street Corner Kings is the culmination of the individual members’ passion, creativity and spirit. The band looks forward to continued collaboration and more songs to come.


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