Mark A Williams’ Christian Buffet

Mark A Williams ReviewMark A Williams has a collection of artists under his guidance to deliver a cascade of well done Christian music. “Tomorrow” isn’t sung by Mark, but it’s got him behind it I’m sure. The belief is strong with this one and the artist behind it has a very delicate voice that is soft to the audible touch. The same can be said about “Jesus Stand By Me.” Only this time the woman behind it is a bit older. You can tell the difference between the two, she has a sense of maturity in her delivery. We get into the male portion of Mark A Williams’ artists with “Soul Train to Glory.” It blends the love of the Lord with the honesty of Country music and the end result is a wonderfully sung piece that touches the soul. That Country fusion continues with “Father How Long,” but again you can hear the generation gap in the vocals – or the artist behind this one just has one of those true Country voices; deep and very masculine like George Strait. If you’re a fan of Christian music and want a buffet of it, check out Mark A Williams’s page now for all the goods. (