R&B The Classic Way with William Odell Hughes

Le Affaire ReviewWilliam Odell Hughes is a R&B artist who makes you move, think and feel. “Everytime It Rains” is a mid-tempo R&B jam. You can’t help but add a little bounce to your step as you’re moving and grooving to this one. Moving on to “Is This How You Like It” we step up the beat a bit, while the vocals remain to have that classic R&B soul to them with a punch of funk overall in the track, but low key. Then comes the booty…I’m not sure what I was expecting with titles like “Big Booty” and “Butt Rattle” but somehow my expectations were still met. When you listen it’s like booty anthems for the mature crowd out there, not so much the Nicki Minaj, and JLo listeners. In all seriousness though, after the booties come and go, you have a man who can write a real heartfelt and striking song. “Drive By Shooting” is a hard one to get through because of the compassion in the story and you feel every note. The same goes for “Statutory Rape” as well. It’s clear that Hughes is all over the board with his music, but all the while remains classy and cool. If you’re into the standards when it comes to R&B, check out William Odell Hughes. (https://soundcloud.com/leaffairemusic)