Marvin Johnson Releases Songs Calling Out For Unity

New Songs Are An Anthem For Today’s World

Jordantown, Nova Scotia, Canada – November 18, 2020Pop star Marvin Johnson is breaking out his new songs to encourage listeners to take a look at the world and make a change. “Bitter Sweet” and “Hardtimes” offer a realistic view as well as a message of hope.

“Bitter Sweet” talks about racial division, immigration issues, and the hatred splitting up the country. The song’s music as well as its lyrics convey the sadness Marvin feels about the world. However, there is a thread of hope in the melody, a call for people to unite. “Hardtimes” talks about how COVID 19 has affected everyone and everything. The song is the artist’s way of coping as he inspires listeners to carry on.  Marvin plans to release a third song in November 2020 called “Paradise.” The songs are and will be available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Marvin writes and produces songs telling the story of the Covid world we live in today and encourages fans to live in the moment and fully embrace all ranges of emotion.  Bottling up emotions just leads to a potential blow up that wouldn’t benefit anyone. The beauty of music is that it allows a listener to truly experience a range of emotions in a healthy, uplifting way.

Marvin Johnson has been in the music business for 20 years running Libra Music Productions.  Check out this amazing artist today on Spotify.


Marvin Johnson has been a songwriter, drummer and bass player for over 20 years and and arranger, recording engineer, and composer using keyboards, samplers, synths, and rhythm machines for 15 years. Venturing into his own style of music with unique beats and stories, Johnson wants to inspire and give listeners a feeling of togetherness. Johnson wants to unite the world and spread his message of peace, love, and hope.


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