Melding and Mixing Exciting Rap and Reggae Compositions: Presenting to the World Lorenzo White (Londysruckus)

Creating enthralling tracks one after another, the talented Londysruckus is all set to become the next multi-genre sensation with memorable Hip Hop, Latin, and R&B compositions that highlight personal struggles with stunning scores

Brooklyn, NY – March 15th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Lorenzo White “LONDYSRUCKUS”  is on the very front of today’s stunning independent musical sensations. The iconic powerhouse of talent is all set to receive the critical and commercial acclaim that his beautiful and stunning musical compositions from 2020 are bound to receive.

While many remained stagnant and skeptical of independent music during 2020, “LONDYSRUCKUS” stood at the very front of the new age music scene. Creating and crafting memorable music in the genres of Rap and R&B, “LONDYSRUCKUS” plans to dominate the musical scene with his peerless musical prowess and characteristic Reggae lyricism and storytelling.  In 2021, the budding artist hopes to make sure that all of his released tracks receive the appreciation that they rightfully deserve. Beginning from the stunning album titled “LONDYSRUCKUS” which released July 7, 2020 via, “LONDYSRUCKUS” is prepared for revolutionizing the Hip Hop and Reggae scene. “LONDYSRUCKUS” a self-styled album consisted of 19 iconic Hip Hop tracks and was produced by Lorenzo White, Errol Kelly and DeShaun Wilkes. “LONDYSRUCKUS” followed this release with his beautiful single titled “SPANGLISH SPEAKING SCENERIO” which explores the rich and much hyped genre of Spanish Rap and Spanish Hip-Hop. On September 9th, 2020, Lorenzo White built on his expertise with another R&B and Hip-Hop album titled “LONDYSRUCKUS Vol.2” which span 12 stunning singles and is produced independently by Lorenzo White accompanied by Errol Kelly, DeShaun Wilkes, and Juan Caraballo.

Presently, with the release of his latest single “Don’t Stop”, which came out on December 7th, 2020, Lorenzo wishes to break into the R&B scene and establish his peerless and talented spot with unique storytelling and dynamic instrumentalism.





An up-and-coming icon of Rap and Hip-Hop music, Lorenzo “LONDY” White is today’s budding sensation in the musical world. Inspired by the likes of chart-topping artists such as Queen Latifah, Tupak Shakur, Naughty by Nature and other Rap and Hip-Hop icons, Lorenzo White continues to improve and grow his soundtracks and vocals.
Beginning his musical career at the young age of 15, Lorenzo has grown from freestyling and battling vocals on the streets and neighborhoods of Brooklyn to collaborating with some of the genre’s most iconic sensations. His musical journey includes featuring music by Errol (E-BOOGY) Kelly in the early 1990s with A.D who was associated with Queen Latifah. Lorenzo was very soon able to put out his album titled “LONDY’s RUCKUS Volume 1” which spanned 13 songs and today, he continues to create more magical and iconic tracks.



Name: Lorenzo White
Email Address: [email protected]