Melding Funk with Soul and R&B Music: Presenting to the World Jerome Artyst Music

With stunning musical compositions that fully encompasses the richness of Funk and R&B, Jerome Artyst is set to soar and rise producing breath-taking and perfect musical compositions

Kew Gardens, New York – With the release of his much-awaited and hyped up album “Ultimate Collection Album” on January 13th 2021, Jerome Artyst is planning to only go up and up with his musical career. An up-and-coming musical artist, producer and song writer, Jerome is hopeful that his rich and soulful R&B music will not only provide some relatability to R&B fans but also groovy and slick tracks with beats to vibe along to. The pandemic has had unique challenges for upcoming musicians and singers and Jerome Artyst is hopeful that after the brunt of the pandemic lessens, he will be able to tour and headline concerts and other gigs around the summer of 2021, performing his tracks and collections.

Jerome Artyst’s life has always revolved around producing music and writing songs. Because he could not fully immerse himself into just screenwriting, which was his main profession for some time, he decided to completely move and devote his time and energies towards writing songs and producing slick musical tracks and records. With rich and authentic vocal styling, Jerome promises to make R&B return to its roots of producing music which is not only interesting and fun to groove along to but is also soulful and narrates a story worth listening.

Jerome Artyst describes himself as an esoteric artist who uses songs and music lyricism to express himself fully in performance. He is set to become a favorite in every household as he keeps producing track that are soulful and strong. Writing all the lyrics himself independently during troubling times of the pandemic, Jerome Artyst’s album titled “Ultimate Collection Album” has been inspired by his real-life events and his own trials and tribulations wading through life’s many challenges. With the strength of vocals and lyricism, Jerome Artyst plans on solidifying and establishing his position among modern greats of the genres of R&B and soul, producing and curating compositions that inspire and refresh listeners around the globe.




Born in Miami and raised up in Riceboro, Georgia, Jerome Artyst is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter and music producer of the genres of Soul and R&B. Jerome Artyst moved to New York during the Motown era, with dreams of becoming a song writer. His unending love of song writing later turned to the big screen, and this started a trend for months of writing movies, failing, and then, becoming inspired to produce great music which he does today. Today, Jerome Artyst continues to refreshen the genres of Soul and R&B by revisiting lyricism and storytelling.



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