New Single, “Metro”, from D.S. Wilson is Available Now

Jazz aficionados are loving the funk-infused journey of “Metro”

Chicago, Illinois – January 22, 2021 – Jazz is a staple of any music lover’s playlist. From fast-paced tunes that will have you breathless to heart-wrenching songs of heartbreak, Jazz appeals to everyone. Nobody knows this better than D.S. Wilson.

As an artist, D.S. Wilson has performed in a wide-range of music styles and genres. From rock and pop to blues, this artist has done it all. Now D.S. Wilson is focused on creating smooth and contemporary Jazz music.

Aiming to create something unique and spectacular, Wilson is following his 2018 album, ‘Stella Rose’ with several singles and will be releasing his second full-length album, ‘Saxuality’, in May 2021!

The song is what many will call danceable. ‘Metro’ is fast-paced, energetic, and what can only be described as bright. Nobody will be interested in sitting down; everyone will be on their feet and dancing.

‘Metro’ has an inherent charm hidden in its instrumental tones. The saxophone’s powerful notes combined with a sprawling guitar solo will have your heart beating a million miles an hour. The song doesn’t ever dip in energy, rather taking you along for the journey and keeping you on your feet throughout.

Anybody who appreciates Jazz will immediately be appreciative of how Wilson has managed to capture motion in the instrumental tones of ‘Metro.’ Those who listen to the song are bound to have their interest piqued, and only the album as a whole can sate the curiosity.

“Metro” is available on D.S. Wilson’s official website as well as major streaming platforms. Check out the new single as well as D.S. Wilson’s other work on his website and social media!




D.S. Wilson is a dynamic musician who has experimented with music over his years in the industry. After years of shifting between genres, Wilson is now creating and releasing music in the genre of Smooth Jazz.



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