Melody Music Int. Presents Barry Love 

Melody Music Int. Presents Barry Love 

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Charlotte, North Carolina – June 4, 2020 – When it comes to being a rising star in the pop realm, there is no one quite like Barry Love. The singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur brings everything he has continued to deliver pristine, all-around perfection with his powerful R&B releases throughout 2020. With three singles out now killing it on the charts, there is no denying what this pop powerhouse is capable of. 

Barry Love kicked off the year with “I Thought You Love Me.” Ironically enough, this song that emotes so much pain of the heart was released on Valentine’s Day. A treat for those without someone to hold at the end of the night. Regardless of one’s relationship status though, his debut single showed he had the tenacity of a true artist. He followed that up a month later with “Got to find you…” and come April was back with “Don’t Come For Me.” Currently, all three singles are charting in the top 100 according to Digital Radio Tracker. 

When Barry Love first started creating music, it was for his friends and family. Not to mention a healthy amount of women who could not get enough of his soulful deliveries. Finally, after being convinced to share his sounds with the world – he decided to go for it. With that, he started his own company, Melody Music Int., and from that came his current three singles – each one as great as the last. 

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Barry Love proves his R&B prowess with three songs currently racking up streams. 

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