Michael Owens: The Devil’s Doorway

We’re kicking off 2015 with Michael Owens’ “The Devil’s Doorway.” It dropped a couple of years ago, but is aging like wine. The title track welcomes you into the record with a laid back silhouette of a song. The music just guides you into a Bob Dylan like performance when the vocals start up. “Here Comes a Madman” has a more rock base than the last vocally but musically sits calm. What I like is that from one song to the next, we’re taking great steps to ensure that no two songs are alike. Like with “Hillbilly Girl,” it sounds like it was constructed on the back porch in Alabama with a jam session while “A Cold Wind Blowing” has a more studio feel. While the more rock ones are good, one can’t help but gravitate to the more Country based ones like “Oh Daddy.” There’s something more comforting about those ones. If you like music that’s a mixture of folk and rock, check out what Michael Owens has cooking on “The Devil’s Doorway,” out now. (https://www.blackberrywayrecords.com/)