Minnesota Is On Fire Again With A Minnesota Native Awol Releases His New EP Eclipse

St.Paul Minnesota  Artist Making Waves Through New Music 

St.Paul, Minnesota  Artist Awol is all set to release his latest EP, Eclipse on May 5th 2021

The High energy, Artist Awol’s music has a enormous backstory filled with a lot of loss, grief, and sorrow. As an indigenous rap artist, Awol was born in the Shakopee prison and was sent off to live with a foster family. He lived away from his mother till she got out of prison. Reunited with his large family of five, Awol was the fourth child. He has had to face many difficulties and hardships growing up. Close to his elder brother, DeeZo, Awol was shook and grief-ridden by his death. DeeZo showed Awol everything about music & life and after he died due to a brain aneurysm, the artist took the legacy forward.

From an early age only, the talented artist knew he was cut out for music and decided to follow it as a form of self-expression. Using his deceased brother’s studio, Awol carried forward his dream and began to compose. Today, the singer rapper-songwriter Awol promotes his shows in Minnesota under the record label MadeMan Records, also owned by him passed down form his older brother DeeZo. The gifted artist has also had the opportunity to open for several great artists such as the Amigos, Coolio, and Do or Die, Montana of 300, Ritzs, Lil Durk, Yella Beezy, and Merkules.

Awol has traveled all over the United States to perform. His powerful skill set, which includes great performance skills, music talent, music business, and experience spanning several years, has earned him a good reputation in the music and entertainment industry.

Talking about his motivations and beliefs, Awol says, “I’m an artist. It’s one of my purposes here on this earth. Sound and words are my canvas. These are crucial times. Humanity needs truth and more love. And as I innovate with music, I hope to spread more of both of those.”

In these uncertain times, Awol strives to make real music, which he claims is only powerful if it complements one’s actions outside music. Striving to be an inspiration, Awol wishes to create music that holds people together.

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Awol is now emerging as a successful musician. He is driven by the goal of changing millions of minds and creating a sustainable impact via his music. Awol wishes to garner as much support as possible to achieve his goal quickly.




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