Mirage Box

Mirage Box’s new EP “Contents Under Pressure”

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The mysterious duo Mirage Box from Orlando, Florida have released their first EP “Contents Under Pressure” under the label “Growlyman Endeavors”. Why mysterious you’d ask? Because it’s a mystery how such a genius band could remain largely unnoticed with less than 1000 likes on their Facebook page. Please, consider making the world a better place by correcting this mistake!

The men behind the music, Nick Coppola and Chris Capozza have invented their personal style called “modern retro”. This definition is surprisingly accurate – the influence of a variety of bands from different epochs can be heard in “Contents Under Pressure”.  There’s something for everyone – from the happy-go-lucky playful vibe of The Beatles, through the exciting Jimmy Page-esque guitar solos, to the riffs that possess that certain musical rawness of grunge bands like Soundgarden. We could call Nick Coppola the brain and Chris Capozza the muscle of this collaboration. Nick is the lyricist and songwriter of Mirage Box, while Chris is responsible for the recording and producing (he’s a talented multi-instrumentalist, an audio engineer and producer).

Perhaps the only weakness of this EP is the lack of concept. Although every song in itself is amazing, there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection between them. This is a bit disappointing, as Mirage Box definitely have the potential of being great like the prog-rock gods Yes, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd they aspire to.

If you’re looking for music you can relax to; “Contents Under Pressure” could be your perfect choice. Don’t mind the name of the album – pressure is the last thing you’ll think about when you listen to it. “Magic” is the opening track – a funky tune that has the mood of an Electric Light Orchestra track. Then you dive into the aggressive “Rage” with its beautiful wailing guitar solos. You’ll then be swept of your feet with the beautiful and heartbreaking “Juarez”. You may have heard that last one – it has been realized as a single before. After that comes the confession “Last beautiful woman” with its haunting vocals. The closing track is “Hot in the keys” a classic rock tune, energetic and fun.

If you think you’ll enjoy Mirage Box’s music, check them out! You can listen to the full album on their Facebook page. If you like Mirage Box, please support them by buying their music – you can do that on CdBaby and Itunes!

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Review by Christina V.