Mixing Old and New with Gaby DeSpain

Gaby DeSpain ReviewTaking yesterday and intertwining it with today makes for something that’s just right and that’s what Gaby DeSpain’s voice is like. “Fleeting Faraway” is an elegant take on pop. It has a mature sound that showcased a detail to songwriting, but there’s this youth filled innocence in it that makes it light. In “Past the Stars” we’re welcomed by a nice piano intro and then meet her simple and sweet vocals. She has this voice that you could hear along with the Carpenters in the 70s, but that could play well with Melanie Martinez today. The pace is picked up with “Young Together” as the strings are plucked lightly and we’re taken to a relaxed summer day with a hazy view. Lastly, her “Dark Delight” remix takes us back to the ‘70s meets modern vibe. All in all Gaby DeSpain sings from the past, but loud and strong enough that it falls into today well. Check her out if you’re a fan of acts like Melanie and Kina Grannis. (https://soundcloud.com/gaby-despain)