Mr Wxrd’s “Making Smoothies” Consists of Blending Rap and Rock

Inspired by contemporary social issues and struggles faced by the Black community around the country, Mr Wxrd brings a fresh, new wave of Rap and Hip Hop music, set to power him to sensational heights

Fayetteville, North Carolina – May 17th, 2020- Self-styled as the “Mr Wxrd”, this up-and-coming artist is a bright new addition to the world of Rap and Hip Hop. Known for his finesse in creating wonderful Rap and R&B musical compositions, Mr Wxrd’s music is set to make him soar to new heights as he solidifies his position with his breakthrough single at the end of this month.

Bringing back the upbeat, fresh character that Rap music today desperately needs and longs, Mr Wxrd is a much-needed artist that is going to shape the world of music with his artistic prowess and talents. Mr Wxrd’s strengths as an artist and musician are representative in his talent in fusing and melding two diverging genres, Rap and Rock, and producing music that beautifully intersects both genres.

His debut single titled “Making Smoothies” is set to release on all major platforms on the 21st of December 2020, ending the season and a turmoil-struck year with a fresh and relatable musical composition. Crafted with the artistic genius of featuring artist Mirana Peacock, “Making smoothies” is a blend of Rock and Rap, exhibiting the sheer brilliance and talents that this upcoming artist promises to bless listeners with. Embrace the strong lyrical genius and musical flair of this dynamic duo as they shed light on pressing social issues and lift the mood at the tail-end of this desolate and troubled year. Encouraged by the need to address many social issues that affect minorities and oppressed communities in today’s society, Mr Wxrd is all set to craft music that expresses his talent and illuminates vital issues of today. Inspired by the spirituality and core messages put forth by Jesus, Mr Wxrd strongly believes that music is his calling to do right and inspire and motivate all those around him, educating people through his musical abilities. Mr Wxrd is the fresh new face of modern Hip Hop and Rock fusions who is all set to elucidate realities of today, bringing Hip Hop back to its roots.





An up-and-coming artist, musician and lyricist Mr Wxrd is inspired majorly by God and the message of Jesus, expressing emotions beautifully through Rap and Rock compositions. A strong proponent of the Black Redeem initiative, Mr Wxrd is calling for donations to the project as they support African American communities nationwide. The initiative aims to utilize funds from reparations and donations to establish public work projects, African American institutions and build 88 refuge cities in the U.S.

In line with his core goal of helping disadvantaged communities and aid those that need help, Mr Wxrd supports initiatives that help redress the harms of oppression in modern society.



Name: Club of New Jerusalem, FDN (Conuju, Fdn)

Number: (910) 689-6185








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