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Musik and Film and Musik Radio Promotions is one of the undisputed leaders in linking new and experienced musicians with the exposure they deserve. Boasting a team with well over a half century’s worth of combined experience and numerous Platinum album credits, they offer a variety of services for artists combining both their lifelong passion for musical entertainment and quantifiable skill in assisting bands and artists of every style in making sure their music is heard in virtually every corner of the world. Few other companies in this field provide such wide-ranging services – Musik and Film doesn’t handle just the promotional side of releases for an artist, but work alongside some of the industry’s most respected producers, engineers, and A&R professionals to provide both newcomers and veterans alike with the sort of tailored campaigning needed to push an artist’s work to the forefront of public consciousness.


The list of luminaries the team has worked with in their professional life is mightily impressive. Their radio promotions, A&R arm, production associates are experienced working with performers as varied as Lionel Richie, Blake Shelton, Rick Ross, Tommy Tutone, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name just a few. This stunning array of talent means that the Musik and Film team possess a deep understand of how to properly promote and service Musik and Film clients The Radio Promotions team are positioned to offer clients a comprehensive program of affordable packages designed to maximize the impact a new release has on a band and artist’s future. Some of the aforementioned artists are experienced with those services and their testimonials of their quality speak to the satisfying results the Radio Promotions team delivers on a regular basis.

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The consulting side of Musik and Film Productions is equally invaluable. Handling everything from helping an artist craft an effective business plan, offering advice on how to best organize their business affairs, and steering them in the direction of important music industry gatekeepers is a priceless resource in a music world often lacking in such support. Their related management arm ensures that artists receive the proper amount of radio promotion, booking in appropriate venues, enjoying access to the company’s recording studios, and reaping the fruits of the aforementioned distribution network at the company’s disposal. They, likewise, are experienced hands at promoting any video accompaniment an artist may have for a new release with their connections to various top shelf platforms like MTV and FUSE, among countless others. Serious artists deserve the sort of treatment that Musik and Film provide’s on a daily basis and, coupled with their reasonable rates, it isn’t difficult to understand why so many are willing to testify to the company’s effectiveness. See what their artists have to say

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