Rob Alexander releases Single

Rob Alexander releases Single


You don’t have to be a music journalist to be able to know a good song when you hear one. Great music touches all of us exactly the same, no matter who we are, where we’re from or what we do for a living, and when a new artist is a genuine hit, everyone collectively knows it at the same time. I had never heard of Rob Alexander before listening to “All That’s Mine is Yours,” the third single from his debut album Long Road Coming Home, but the moment that I heard his voice embrace the warmth of a beautiful piano bit in the opening bars of the song, I knew I was listening to a legend in the making.

Rob Alexander has spent an entire lifetime refining his sound in private, far from the prying eyes and ears of the public, waiting for the right moment to release his work for the world to celebrate. Nothing he records is rushed, and he works hard to make sure that every one of his songs exhibits a different side of his multi-dimensional songcraft. In the case of the ironically titled “All That’s Mine is Yours,” we make our acquaintance with the tender side of Alexander, a side that is so engaging and smooth that I could see him recording all of his material in this demeanor and finding an enormous amount of success in doing so.

“All That’s Mine is Yours” benefits from an almost cinematic production quality courtesy of the inimitable Gabe Lopez, with even the slightest nuance of Rob Alexander’s voice is made to come alive with a vibrant swagger unlike any other singer in the business today. The harmony resembles human emotion, rising and falling in synchronicity with our beating hearts, inspired by a desire to be loved and only silenced by the absence of affection altogether. It’s breathtaking and not as difficult to digest as some love songs can be.
To me Rob Alexander sounds like an old soul imparting wisdom to a generation that is sorely in need of some guidance when it comes to respecting each other and finding common ground as opposed to constantly subdividing into irrelevant categories. “All That’s Mine is Yours” brings up a very important message that society has been neglecting to convey to young people in particular; life is about constantly growing, adapting and evolving the way that we live together and communicate with one another. In order to truly enjoy being alive, we’ve got to learn how to love each other enough to respect our differences.

In the short time since first hearing “All That’s Mine is Yours” and writing this review today I’ve become a pretty serious Rob Alexander fan, and I would challenge anyone who hasn’t come in contact with any of the splendid content on Long Road Coming Home to listen to his work and not fall in love with his sound. His style is steeped in tradition, but his career isn’t going anywhere but forward into the future. I’ll be patiently waiting to hear his follow up to this single, and I know I’m not alone in my sentiments.


Zachary Rush