New Artists stepping In the Scene with a Hot Release: These are Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins

Getting in the studio together and working on the composition of a brand new single, emerging artists Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins are all set to win over the upcoming generation with their sound

Chicago, Illinois — October 16th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artists Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins are two of the most talented musicians from the industry. Possessing expertise in the genre of R&B both the artists are incredibly gifted when it comes to the art of making unique tunes. The duo has just released a brand new single titled “I Like It” and are planning on releasing more in the future as a duo and solo projects.

With the release of the single on October 1st, 2021, the artists are hoping for their sound to get out there and latch onto the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world. They have a fresh perspective of music and want people to hear their sound out as it encompasses the likes of the newer generation. Being young and still evolving as artists, Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins are well-aware of the likes and dislikes of today’s youth. They know what captivates the upcoming generation hence they have built the entire song keeping that theme in mind. Getting released on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world, “I Like It” is the perfect blend of Soul and R&B. The young artists have done such an incredible job mixing and perfecting the song while incorporating themes of both the genres and making the song sound phenomenal. Heavily dominated by catchy beats and groovy melodies, the song is the perfect tune to vibe to. It has the ability to completely turn around the energy of the room it gets played in, elevating the moods of the listeners and making them dance along to the rhythms.

Apart from the digital version of “I Like It”, a music video has also been released for the song. Getting uploaded on YouTube on September 30th, 2021, the video has managed to amass well above 25K views in less than a month. This figure is quite impressive for both the artists as they are fairly young and extremely new to the world of music. Still evolving as artists and growing with each passing day, Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins are looking forward to continuing their journey in music. They want to keep making music they’re passionate about and don’t want to restrict themselves to certain genres in order to expand their horizons. They would want to tour the world in the future, meeting their fans and inspiring thousands along their journey to success.

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Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins are young inspiring artists from Illinois. They have been writing music for some time now and worked in collaboration in order to make this hot single.

Making music is their passion and they believe it’s high time they share their talent with the world.


Jade Latrice and Judah Watkins
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