New EP From Larry Brock

Artist Larry Brock Builds Suspense For The Release Of EP ‘AnR Dreams’

York, Pennsylvania – Music, like the world, changes with the times. As the music industry grows and evolves, artists are finding it harder to box themselves into mainstream categories as per management’s wishes. Artists like Larry Brock prefer to be left uncategorized rather than be fitted into an arbitrary box. Larry Brock is very much a modern artist. While the world wants to classify him as a rapper or singer, Larry prefers to keep his label simple and open. It is the same with his music! The artist focuses on creating music for the people, regardless of genre and rules.

The artist’s creative and unique sound can be heard in his latest EP, ‘AnR Dreams,’ which stands for Artist notta Rapper. While the EP isn’t out yet, we have sneak peeks of the songs from the artist himself! Larry says he touches on nuanced topics, such as the pain of loving the wrong person, the importance of family, and so on. He describes the sound as being therapeutic. He says the smooth vocals and catchy adlibs will hold any listener, and before they know it, the song is over. His own faith in God is as unrelenting as his need to heal people with the help of his music.

Larry Brock’s new EP has no official release date, but make sure to look out for it at the end of February 2021. Till then, there is more of Larry’s music and information available on the official website and his various social media!





Larry Brock is an artist from York, Pennsylvania. As an emerging rap-artists, Larry Brock is intent on creating unique trap music that will take the world by storm. The artist prefers to be left outside the box, creating music that heals and touches the listeners’ soul he gathers. His faith and unrelenting drive are what push him to be the artist he is today.



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