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Chicago, Illinois – April 2nd, 2021 – If you like moving to the groove, a new Jazz-Funk single titled “Saucy” is about to be released this Friday. “Saucy” is going to be the third single produced by D.S Wilson. The musician, enthusiastic about releasing new music for Jazz aficionados, has long-term plans for his genre. Listeners can expect several good news from the musician in the upcoming months. Wilson’s full album, which will be his second album, is already in the pipeline. It is scheduled to be released on May 7th this year.

In other news, if you can’t wait a whole month to listen to some more groovy and gritty Jazz-Funk, readers can listen to his first two singles. “Metro” and “Proceed with Caution” were released earlier this year and can be accessed by clicking here. The two singles have received a lot of praise and are gaining traction on online music streaming platforms.

The new single, “Saucy,” has been named aptly. Produced by D.S Wilson, the single involves Grammy-nominated drummer T.J Morris and bass player Marvin Shields Jr., both hailing from the Seattle area. Neal Chapman from Raleigh, NC, was on the guitar, while Wilson also provided saxophones and keyboards. The multi-talented musician, D.S Wilson, with an ear for producing a rich blend of the different instruments involved, has guided the whole project. The upbeat and funky new single will remind listeners of a mashup of the saxophonist David Sanborn, the rock band Steely Dan, and Dave Matthews.

A fusion of funk, rock, pop, and blues with Jazz, Wilson produces music roughly lying in Jazz-Funk, Cool Jazz, and Smooth Jazz genres. The relaxed, light, and sometimes even classical tempos and tones will provide for an enjoyable and mellow experience, to which one can still dance. Listeners can expect a full sensual experience from the musician’s new single!

D.S Wilson plans to continue building momentum for his upcoming album through regional live performances. The musician is investing all his energies into his passion and is already beginning work on his third album.

Jazz listeners and sax musicians are bound to appreciate the overall blending of this artist’s production. “Saucy” is now available on D.S. Wilson’s official website as well as major streaming platforms. Check out the new single as well as D.S. Wilson’s other work on his website and social media






D.S. Wilson is a versatile musician with an eye for creativity and experimentation within his genres. He has written, performed, and produced music in various genres over his years in the industry. However, since 2016 the musician has focused on creating and releasing music in Smooth Jazz and Jazz Funk.




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