Prodigal Son Reveals His New Album, ‘trials’

Listen to Prodigal Son’s Latest Album Full of Soul and Spirit

Brooklyn, New York – Prodigal Son’s musical journey can be traced back to his early childhood days when he left home. Upon realizing the importance of a good support system, the artist began to express these thoughts and emotions by putting pen to paper. He was inspired by the bible and how it talked of a Prodigal Son, hence using this name for his music. Although he started songwriting for fun, it now comes to him like second nature.

‘trials’ is Prodigal Son’s new album release, containing 13 tracks. With a self-explanatory title, the album’s message is obvious but impactful. He uses his experience with trials and tribulations to bring listeners a message of hope – that it gets better.

The album has features from other artists like Sista Toya Tee, Raymond Torres, Sista Tatiana Torres, and Jared Bradford.

‘trials’ is an album that holds profound meaning within its music. He transforms his words into melodious lyrics that pairs well with heartfelt music. The artist’s future plans consist of continuing to make music that will help others who are hurting or in pain.

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Kenneth Fletcher is better known in the music industry by his stage name, Prodigal Son. He works as a songwriter under Overcomer Productions. Kenneth uses music to express himself as he reflects back on his pain, trauma, happiness, and joy. For the last two years, the artist has dedicated himself to his musical craft to write and produce soulful music.




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