New Single From D.S. Wilson Just Released

Check out D.S. Wilson’s energizing Jazzfunk single “Proceed With Caution”.

Chicago, Illinois – February 26, 2021 – Jazz has always been one of the greatest genres. The lilting notes of a saxophone and the trilling sounds of a piano manage to elicit emotions from even the coldest of hearts. D.S. Wilson is all set to capture a few hearts with his new music.

In January, D.S. Wilson released the first single, “Metro,” from his album that is all set for release on May 7, 2021. Today, he releases the second song from the same album, “Proceed With Caution.”
Bold, funky, and smooth are the words that come to mind on first hearing the new single. While technically making music set in the Smooth Jazz genre, Wilson manages to break free of the constraints of a single genre by adding an eclectic mix of electric instruments.

Like his previous music has shown, every beat, note, and tremor get your energy pumping. “Proceed with Caution” is a collaboration with artists such as T.J Morris and Marvin Shields that will have your heart pumping in time with the music.
With influences such as Steely Dan, Wilson has created a JazzFunk song without giving up his signature smooth and smoky sound. No matter who is listening, D.S. Wilson gets their heads bobbing along and hearts racing with the energized main riff of the track while masterfully incorporating a tentative relaxation that keeps fans craving more!

D.S Wilson’s new single, “Proceed With Caution,” is out today and is available for purchase on his official website. It is also available to stream on all major streaming platforms. For more of Wilson’s music, take a look at his Bandcamp page!





D.S. Wilson is a Jazz Saxophone player from Chicago. The illustrious artist has experimented with different genres throughout his career in the music industry. Now, he produces music in the Smooth Jazz genre while blending Rock, Pop, and Blues.



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