Roam Like Ghosts Weaves Authentic Americana with Alternative Music

With soulful and rich acoustic music emanating emotive warmth, Roam Like Ghosts are all set to use their roots in alternative and draw on life experiences to provide much-needed escape in such strange times.

Reston, Virginia – February 26th, 2021 – Up-and-coming musical collective Roam Like Ghosts are all set to release their brand-new album titled ‘…to that place you call home‘ on February 26th 2021, creating musical compositions that inspire and motivate listeners all around the world. The new album will mark their sophomore release which will be a follow up to their 2017 debut album titled “Yesterday and the Day Before”.

This splendid powerhouse of Americana and Alternative music, comprised of singer/songwriter Mathew Daugherty and guitarist/songwriter Bucky Fairfax, are a sensation to look out for in the world of music. Their name ‘Roam Like Ghosts’, comes from a Daugherty lyric in the haunting track “A Ballad of a Friend” from the band’s first album and represents for the band a passage of time with connection to our past and future. The duo’s songwriting process is a virtual experience, iterating through a geographic distance until songs are formed and the story is told. Their sound consists of delicate guitar playing and restraint coupled with vocal strength, ghostly melodies, and sober thoughtfulness forming songs of love and loss, life and death, hope and fear. These themes are all reflective in their debut and sophomore albums which are now available on all major platforms.

With roots in alternative and grunge added to an acoustic, swampy flair, drawing on life experiences and inspiring self reflection, hope and change, Roam Like Ghosts provides a unique soundscape for much needed escape and reflective calm in current times of the strange and uncertain. Roam Like Ghosts expanded their production but maintained the pure elements of their acoustic sound delivering a reflective and emotive mix of songs. The upcoming album was partly written and mostly recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and lock down.

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Roam Like Ghosts is an acoustic duo consisting of singer/songwriter Mathew Daugherty and guitarist/songwriter Bucky Fairfax. Mathew resides in Reston, Virginia while Bucky hails from Cary, North Carolina.  The duo performs regionally between DC and North Carolina at a variety of cafes, bars, and breweries in what the band describes as intimate performances in settings conducive to their sound and mood.

…to the place you call home‘ was recorded at Osceola Recording Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina with Dick Hodgin (Hootie and The Blowfish, Cravin’ Melon, Clay Aiken, Corrosion Of Conformity, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Quest) at the controls again and finds the group hosting a number of guest musicians providing percussive and ethereal accompaniment to the album’s well rounded alternative sound in a full production release. Bringing a much-needed authentic and rich vibe to the varied genres of Alternative and Americana music, the duo is all set to soar with their talented vocals.



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